OUR NEWEST DESIGN: Di-Fiore, nature-inspired 4D-printed lamp

Di-Fiore is a nature-inspired 4D-printed lamp in the shape of a dynamic flower. It is designed using a tensegrity structure with petals that open and close due to the deformation of wires made of a Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloy (SMA).

The SMA wires are inserted into the Di-Fiore lamp petals. When the light bulbs are turned on (heating phase), they contract, opening the petals. Similarly, when the light bulbs are turned off, the wires recover their initial shape and the petals close.

This unprecedented 4D-printed eco-sustainable lamp is 4D printed using only recycled nylon and PLA filaments, with the exception of the SMA wires.


NEWMATT is the acronym of “NEW MATerials and Techniques for sustainable engineering”. Our startup company employs circular economy concepts to develop new materials and structures on demand, with innovative shapes and “exceptional” physical and mechanical properties.


NEWMATT designs and fabricates through 3D/4D printing furniture such as lamps, outdoor and landscape lightings, which incorporate tensegrity structures.

We can design and fabricate such materials “on demand”, upon targeting specific properties required by the client.

Newmatt receives the “Bdr2017 Award – Category Green Economy” within the Startup Competition on Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Borsa della Ricerca” (Fisciano, May 2017).