PRIN 2022

SUSTainable composite structures for energy-harvesting and carbon-storing BUILDings


Project description

Grant number: P2022PE8BT
Unique Project Code (Codice Unico di Progetto) CUP: D53D23018440001

Sustainable composite structures for energy-harvesting and carbon-storing buildings (SUSTBUILD) develops the next generation of composite and architectured structural systems for use in sustainable buildings. This combination of lattice structures and mechanical metamaterials trail blazes radically new science-enabled technology solutions for different building components (façade, rooftop and core structures). The final goal is to create integrated green meta-buildings that harvest solar and wind energy, and that mitigate environmental pollution.

SUSTBUILD is articulated across two research work-packages/WPs (SOLAR and GREEN), investigated through the design, manufacturing, and testing of proof-of-concept demonstrators. These WPs investigate origami-like structures for energy-harvesting solar façades and rooftops, and bioinspired, carbon-storing composite structures for green façades that improve air quality and mitigate indoor temperatures during hot weather. Such systems are easily operated with only the use of winch power, thanks to their excellent deployment capacity.

Conventional systems for natural hazard-proof structures and green/solar façades often use materials and mechanisms requiring energy-intensive technologies, whereas this project acts as a generator of revolutionary ideas for sustainable and resilient buildings. Such a ground-breaking mission is accomplished through the adoption of cutting-edge structural solutions that exhibit an unprecedented combination of environmental, energetic and mechanical performances.

The revolutionary nature of SUSTBUILD indeed relies on the use of lightweight and architectured metamaterials and composite structures to design green buildings through energy-effective solutions. The project employs deployable lattice structures and mechanical devices that exhibit properties mainly obtained from their internal architecture and state of prestress, rather than the fabrication process. This makes it possible to achieve the project goals using systems that optimize both the energy performance and the carbon footprint of the building.

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