PRIN 2022

STABilization of contaminated SOILs


Project description

Grant number: P2022CR8AJ
Unique Project Code (Codice Unico di Progetto) CUP: D53D23018180001

The goal of the project STABilization of contaminated SOILs (STABSOIL) is the research and development of low environmental impact mixtures, to be used as part of an innovative solidification / stabilization process of contaminated soils from industrial sites.
The idea is to treat contaminated land present within industrial realities, through a process of inertization that aims to immobilize contaminants using an innovative mix design, in order to avoid landfill disposal.

This methodology consists in making the polluting compounds inert by physically trapping them inside a solid matrix (solidification) and generating chemical reactions that reduce the mobility of contaminated substances present in the compound to be reclaimed, thus decreasing its solubility, mobility, and toxicity (stabilization). The solidification phase, in detail, transforms the contaminated matrix into a material solid with high structural integrity, reducing the mobility of pollutants and therefore their possible dispersion in the environment.

The destination of the material resulting from the solidification process is currently the landfill for dangerous or non-dangerous waste. This condition occurs because the material coming from the process with the techniques currently on the market, does not always respect certain structural characteristics that would make the material reusable for civil and/or industrial applications. With STABSOIL project we intend to obtain an inert material, using innovative additives and admixtures to be carefully selected during the mix design phase. This therefore allows in a global context to reduce the quantities of materials disposed of landfills, guaranteeing
healthy soil, freshwater, seas, and air.

In the case of hazardous waste, the stabilization/solidification treatment will allow the waste to be downgraded, thus obtaining a non-hazardous final waste, while the treatment on non-hazardous waste, allows to obtain a second raw material ready to be reused.
The final goal in terms of application of the products obtained is the reuse of these materials for the construction of road foundations.

STABSOIL consists of two work-packages/WP (GREENMIX and TEST). In the GREENMIX phase, the stabilization/solidification process will be adopted for the inertization of the contaminated soils, incorporating the contaminants within a green cement matrix. With this process, the permeability of the material will be reduced to limit infiltrations and to reduce the solubility of contaminants. During the TEST phase, the parameters to be monitored during the inertization process will be chosen considering the source of contamination and the characteristics of the environmental matrices. In addition, mechanical tests on the stabilized final products will be carried out.

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