Green fibers and filaments

Design, development and production of “green” filaments and fibers to be used as reinforcing elements of next-generation composite materials.

Mechanical metamaterials
Design, prototyping, testing and patent of innovative lattice metamaterials that show tunable compression and shear moduli, as a function of the size of the lattice members and the mechanical properties of the employed materials.
Deployable structures for smart buildings
Design of smart facade systems to be employed in Energy Efficient Buildings (EEBs) based on foldable and deployable tensegrity units, which supports shading devices and/or solar panels; wind generators to convert the strain energy stored in the cables of wind-excited units into electrical power.
Interior design structures

Design of furniture which incorporate tensegrity structures and elements. Our design philosophy mixes creativity, mathematics and computational mechanics, in order to achieve optimal shapes according to given mechanical, functional and aesthetic criteria.

Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring procedures through the use of  laser scanning vibrometry to detect the dynamic response of structural components subject to wave propagation, through space-time maps of vibration velocities; of innovative sensors/actuators through periodic arrays of tensegrity structures, freestanding or embedded in a matrix.