NEWMATT s.r.l. (“NEW MATerials and Techniques for sustainable engineering”) is a spin-off of the University of Salerno, which employs circular economy concepts to develop new materials for sustainable engineering, interior design, houseware and creative jewelry.

Employing recycled and natural materials, innovative structural concepts and 3D/4D printing techniques we design and fabricate the following materials and structures:

  • “mechanical metamaterials”, i.e., unconventional materials and structures with properties mainly derived from their geometric design, with a focus on devices for the seismic protection of buildings, and novel reinforcing elements of composite materials with fractal geometry;
  • sustainable structures for interior design objects and houseware, such as lamps, outdoor and landscape lightings, bed frames, table frames, chairs, ornaments and creative jewels, making use of tensegrity architectures and bio-inspired shapes;
  • next-generation sensors/actuators for non-destructive structural health monitoring and medical diagnosis.

NEWMATT uses pentamode lattices confined between stiffening plates  as next-generation seismic isolators.  Their fabrication does not require heavy industry or expensive materials—being possible with ordinary, low-cost 3D printers. We also employ 3D printed reinforcing elements with bio-inspired, fractal geometry and hierarchical structure to form groundbreaking reinforcements for novel composite materials.

We design and fabricate through 3D printing furniture such as lamps, outdoor and landscape lightings, bed frames, table frames, chairs and ornaments, which incorporate tensegrity structures/elements. Our design philosophy mixes creativity, mathematics and computational mechanics, in order to achieve optimal shapes according to given mechanical, functional and aesthetic criteria.

We manufacture 3D printed fashion accessories and jewelry. By combining creative geometries and bio-inspired shapes with a mathematically optimized design of our objects, we give life to wearable sculptures. NEWMATT pieces are entirely made of recycled and natural materials to support a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

NEWMATT designs and fabricates innovative sensors and actuators through periodic arrays of tensegrity structures, freestanding or embedded in a matrix.  Such devices are used to detect the mechanical properties and/or the presence of damage in engineering and biologic materials and structures, through closed-loop identification procedures.