PRIN 2022

Innovative tensegrity Lattices and Architectured Metamaterials

– ILAM –

Project description

Grant number: 20224LBXMZ
Unique Project Code (Codice Unico di Progetto) CUP: D53D23018180001

ILAM is aimed at developing a fundamental understanding of how lightweight tensegrity structures and microstructured lattice metamaterials can be used for the design of next-generation civil engineering structures. By employing tensegrity lattices and cellular materials with optimized microstructures, and building from well-studied local phenomena (e.g., geometrical nonlinearities in tensegrity units, damage phenomena in cellular structures), the project will create complex global systems (structures and metamaterials) with unprecedented mechanical properties. The project is focused on the formulation and implementation of efficient tensegrity structures and architectured metamaterials in structural engineering. The final goal is to expand the current scope of structural design, based on: a) tuning the nonlinear mechanical response of tensegrity units through local and global prestress; b) designing lattice structures through parametric approaches and self-similarity subdivision of basic units; c) investigating the nonlinear mechanical behavior and the dynamic properties of cellular/architectured metamaterials as a function of their internal structure; d) developing advanced approaches for structural integrity assessment of existing structures to be upgraded with the above systems; e) employing lattice structures to design innovative vibration isolation devices (BRIDGE, BUILDING and METAISOLATION work-packages). The designed components are environmentally sustainable and are well suited to be integrated into energy efficient structures. A modeling research line studies the effects of internal and external prestress on lattice mechanics, with the aim of designing arbitrary, nonlinear lattice behaviors. Structural-scale applications of tensegrity lattices and microstructured metamaterials employ the peculiar mechanics of these systems in the manufacture of unprecedented structures and devices. All the structural systems analyzed by the project derive their properties mainly from the geometric design of their internal architecture, more than the chemical nature of the employed materials. They can be therefore manufactured making use of natural and/or recycled materials. In addition, the easy assembly and disassembly of the designed structural components, obtained, e.g., through winches connected to the cables of the structure, permit the multiple reuse of temporary structures, as well as the reuse of individual structural members at the end of the life cycle of the structure.

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